A Self-Made Nation

The People and Principles that Built America

A book by Al Fuller

A Self-Made Nation
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A Self-Made Nation

The People and Principles that Built America

By Al Fuller

The United States has always been a nation where the future is unlimited for a person who believes in the power of his own efforts. The history of the nation itself is a rags-to-riches story; America’s unbelievably rapid transformation from third world status global prominence is unique in world history.  The nation’s rise was powered by ordinary Americans, most of whom grew up in poverty or near-poverty, who created success for themselves and their society by believing in the power of their own efforts and taking advantage of the freedoms that every American enjoys.

In an entertaining and readable style, Al Fuller tells the stories of several well-known people who grew up in poverty and attained enormous success in early America. A summary chapter details in easy-to-understand language the principles these people followed to create such remarkable success for themselves.


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